Home Broadband

We are different!

We operate our own Fibre-optic To The Mast (FTTM) fixed wireless broadband network; enabling us to control, monitor and scale our systems according to demand, and ensure that customers always get the service they are promised. Our Home Broadband connection speed is usually in excess of 50 Mbps, we then limit your connection to the speed that you have paid for. From December 2015, we offer one month rolling contracts – no long term commitment.

No line rental to pay!

There is no line rental to pay, as we don’t use the copper wire infrastructure used by ADSL broadband providers. This also means that our customers are not impacted if a problem occurs at the exchange or a cable in the ground is accidentally cut, and the broadband speed is not limited by your distance from the local exchange.

High Speed Home Broadband

You can say goodbye to slow connections and data usage restrictions, and discover the world of online entertainment. Enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies when you want, download the latest music, play games and connect with friends and family online all over high speed broadband from Boundless.

Low Latency and Gaming

Its a bit technical and geeky, but if you need a low latency connection, microwave broadband has lower latency than copper ADSL. Our fiber backhaul links then directly connect you to the London IX’s at light speed over multiple Gbps ports.

Standard Home broadband packages

Boundless Superfast Wireless Home broadband

Monthly subscriptions are collected by Direct Debit.